who we are

Our company is a certified FDOT MBE/DBE company and is also an E-Verify and E-Verifile participant with many years of knowledge and experience in quality customer service with special attention given to each and every project, no matter how small or big. Our employees are all certified and licensed in the services they provide.

We provide the material and installation at an affordable price with quality service.  We currently are on the SunRail, CSX-S Lines, and have the exclusive contract for Centerline Homes Subdivisions throughout FL.  We also are continuing to work as a subcontractor on many commercial, Wal-Mart, residential, US government and FDOT projects. 

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Our Services Include

  • HDPE Pipe Distribution
  • Stormwater Pipe Distribution
  • NPDES Monitoring (weekly and rainfall)
  • SWPPP Development (with monthly monitoring)
  • NOI Filing Fee (State Fee for under and over 5 Acres)
  • Silt Fence, Type III
  • Silt Fence Type IV
  • Staked Turbidity Barriers